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Different Fishery, Similar Challenges

Nov 1, 2013
Fall 2013
The UK fishing industry recently provided GMRI with an opportunity to apply our convening expertise to the other side of the pond. Working alongside SeaFish and Prince Charles’ International Sustainability Unit, GMRI helped develop and facilitate a two-day workshop called “Fishing into the Future.” Participants engaged in a collaborative process to grapple with issues, generate actions, and commit to taking the next steps. On the final day of the event, Prince Charles attended to discuss the future with the group. In an address to the attendees, he spoke of the power of sound science and strong partnerships.
“I believe we can ensure sustainable and profitable fisheries in the future,” Prince Charles said. “If I may say so, fishing, far from being as some appear to have assumed, an industry that is sailing into the sunset, is, in fact, increasingly witnessing hints of a new dawn.”