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GMRI Expands Resources for Teachers

Mar 10, 2010
Winter 2010
GMRI is celebrating a significant milestone for science education in Maine with the launch of two major resources for teachers, Vital Signs and VitalVenture. They build on our LabVenture! program to create a continuum of authentic science learning for students, complemented by rich professional development programs for their teachers. The combination promises to ignite students’ interest in science and deepen their understanding.
Former Governor Angus King welcomed more than 300 supporters, teachers, and students who gathered in December to mark the launch of Vital Signs. It leverages Maine’s laptop program to enable 7th and 8th grade students to participate in a statewide effort to document invasive and native species and the habitats most vulnerable to future invasions. Students collaborate with scientists, citizen volunteers, and a statewide network of their peers. 
Just this month, we launched VitalVenture, a 5th through 8th grade curriculum co-developed with Maine teachers and Maine Sea Grant. It connects LabVenture! and Vital Signs, enabling teachers to engage students in a series of watershed experiences that deepen conceptual science understanding and connection to place.