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NASA Grant Provides $6.5 Million for Science Literacy

Dec 29, 2015
Winter 2015

This fall, NASA committed $6.5 million – the largest grant in our organization’s history – to GMRI and a set of significant national partners.

This grant will help create a new LabVenture! experience, in which students will explore the dynamic relationship between weather and climate. This interdisciplinary and data-rich content will immerse students in one of the most important challenges of our time: our changing climate.

This effort will also provide technical infrastructure to deliver GMRI’s educational content beyond our lab, throughout Maine and across the country. Updated technology will make the program web-accessible for classrooms and informal science education organizations nationwide.

“In the last decade, we’ve served nearly 100,000 Maine students – from York County to Aroostook – through our LabVenture! program,” said Chief Education Officer Leigh Peake. “This NASA grant expands the impact of LabVenture! – both in terms of content and national reach.”

Through localization and customization of the program, students anywhere will be able to use NASA data to investigate: What’s happening in my home? In my region? Around the globe? In my time? And in the past?