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New Advanced Workshop for Fishermen

Mar 10, 2010
Winter 2010
On February 3–4, fifteen fishermen had a chance to get up close and personal with fishery science in Woods Hole. Each had participated in GMRI’s original Marine Resource Education Program (MREP 100), which has been bringing together fishermen, scientists, and managers since 2002. 
The recent workshop was GMRI’s first offering of MREP 200, which gives alumni an opportunity to dig deeper into critical aspects of fishery science and management. It included a our of NOAA’s Henry B. Bigelow fishing survey vessel and an opportunity to speak with the crew and scientists onboard. Many participants had concerns about the team’s trawl survey prior to the workshop. Several fishermen remarked afterward that they had gained confidence that the team will produce good science for the future of fisheries management.
"...the U.S. government designed and produced a great fisheries 
science tool in the Bigelow.”
In an evaluation of the original MREP, there was broad support for holding this type of advanced program for alumni. 
In addition, 88 percent of respondents said that their participation in MREP made them more aware of the challenges involved in fisheries science and management, and 85 percent said their participation increased their ability to have a positive impact on how fisheries are managed. 
GMRI’s ongoing MREP 100 level workshops are taking place this winter and spring in Rhode Island and Maine.