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Our New Strategic Plan

Oct 2, 2017
Fall 2017

Every five years, we step back from our daily work to produce a strategic plan, which provides a framework that guides our efforts for the next five years.  

Board members, staff, and stakeholders engaged in this process over the course of the last year. Together, we reflected on our core strengths and opportunities for impact in the Gulf of Maine.

The feedback we received from commercial harvesters, academics, government representatives, educators, and others shaped our plan to have real-world value beyond the walls of our lab. 

“This was an extremely inclusive process from the very beginning,” said Ellen Grant, Chief Operating Officer. “We’re so appreciative of the feedback we received from our entire community, and the final plan reflects their collective insight.”

You can learn more and explore the plan online at Longtime friends of GMRI will notice the persistence of our foundational commitments to Science, Education, and Community, along with some exciting new initiatives. 

We hope you’ll follow along with us as our organization continues to grow and evolve in the years ahead.