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Partnership with UMaine for Offshore Wind Study

Jun 10, 2010
Spring 2010
GMRI researchers are part of a consortium of scientists collaborating on an environmental study of the University of Maine’s deepwater offshore wind power test site off of Monhegan Island. Funded by the Department of Energy, the DeepCwind Consortium will design, build, and deploy a floating turbine platform to gather data on how it performs in an ocean environment. The work by GMRI researchers will provide valuable information about the potential impact of floating turbines on the ocean ecosystem. Jason Stockwell, our Pelagic Ecologist, and his team will conduct acoustic surveys of fish and visual surveys of mammals before and after the installation. Andy Pershing, GMRI Research Scientist and Assistant Professor at UMaine’s School of Marine Sciences, will collect data on sound, both from animals such as whales and from the turbine, to better understand how the turbine may impact animal behavior and communication