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PowerHouse Students Reach Out to Community with Video PSAs

Mar 26, 2014
Spring 2014

Bath Middle School students held a special event in December to unveil video public service announcements (PSAs) based on our newest education program, PowerHouse. Representatives from the media, local government, and GMRI all attended the premiere.

"Powerhouse is engaging my students in relevant science and math content while hooking their families into the conversation of energy use in homes," said Jennifer Galasso, the Bath teacher who initiated the PSA project. "This is cutting edge work!"

Galasso and a fellow teacher, Rick McGuire, used PowerHouse as a framework to explore numerous math and science concepts throughout the fall, ranging from linear equations to the carbon cycle. The students also used the PowerHouse website, which receives data from their homes' smart meters, to investigate how and when their families were using electricity. Armed with this knowledge, they devised energy management plans that would reduce their families' usage by at least 5 percent.

"Nothing wakes up students' inner scientists like getting their hands on personally relevant data," said Gayle Bodge, PowerHouse program manager. "It was amazing to see these students grappling with huge issues like climate change by investigating their families' energy usage."