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Reductions Drive Need to Do More with Less

Jun 1, 2013
Summer 2013
A changing ecosystem, dwindling resources, and global competition have combined to make 2013 one of New England’s most challenging groundfish seasons. GMRI is working alongside fishermen and sector managers to identify methods of offsetting lost volume by reducing costs and maximizing product value.
“By analyzing fishery landings and economics data, we are identifying the marketing strategies and business plans that will help strengthen the industry and best position it to be successful in the marketplace,” said Jenny Sun, GMRI Resource Economist. 
GMRI is also conducting research into innovative gear that allows fishermen to decrease fuel costs and selectively target fish stocks that are healthy and plentiful in the Gulf of Maine, including some that are not well known to consumers. To help raise awareness of these unfamiliar seafood options, GMRI launched its second annual Out of the Blue promotion series in May. 
“This is a trying time for many fishermen,” said Jen Levin, GMRI Sustainable Seafood Program Manager. “Building markets for underutilized species helps elevate consumer demand and diversifies sources of potential revenue for the industry–something that many local fishermen are currently searching for.”