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Seafood Brand Evaluates its Impact

Apr 8, 2014
Spring 2014

Gulf of Maine seafood competes in a massive global marketplace one in which the United States imports 91% of its seafood. Two years ago, GMRI created a new brand to help consumers identify and support regional seafood that meets science-based criteria around responsible harvesting practices.

Now available at Hannaford, Shaw's, and Big Y stores throughout New England, Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested seafood has exceeded $52 million in sales.

In January, we released our first annual impact report for the program. In it we highlight the hard work of the brand's six licensed dealers and share some of the stories that best illustrate the impact of the program.

"Since partnering with GMRI, we have seen impressive sales results with our Gulf of Maine products," said Leigh Chase, Hannaford Meat & Seafood Merchandising Manager. "We've increased our sales of regional scallops and cod, and through increased promotion and employee education, our Atlantic pollock sales jumped by 93% in 2012!"