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Teachers Explore Ideas, Transform Learning

Jun 10, 2010
Spring 2010
We are gearing up for an extraordinary summer of working with Maine teachers to transform the way their students learn science. Forty 7th and 8th grade science teachers will participate in GMRI’s two Vital Signs Teacher Institutes to prepare to engage their students in an authentic statewide research effort. They will work collaboratively with fellow educators, share ideas, and learn how to incorporate Vital Signs into their curriculum. 
"It’s incredible to see and hear from the scientists who are involved in this project we are undertaking. I love their passion and enthusiasm for science and inquiry!”
In addition, twenty teachers will participate in a new Vital Signs professional development model called Citizen Science in Classrooms, held in collaboration with Augusta schools and the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance. Training begins in the summer and continues online and into the school year. 
Finally, fifteen 5th and 6th grade teachers will participate in our High Voltage Marine Science Learning workshop to experience our LabVenture! program and explore our new VitalVenture curriculum. Teachers will meet GMRI scientists and lobstermen, learn about current research, and explore how GMRI uses inquiry to enhance learning. High Voltage is sponsored by Central Maine Power