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Teachers Leverage LabVenture!

Nov 1, 2013
Fall 2013
Teachers Leverage LabVenture! Students’ immersive LabVenture! experience provides educators with a powerful springboard for continued learning. In August, teachers from across the state gathered with GMRI’s education staff to explore ideas about classroom activities that build off the LabVenture! experience.
“The hands-on teacher institute made the LabVenture! trip so much better for our students,” said Jessica Sirois, a teacher at Meroby Elementary School in Mexico, Maine. “This year, our entire focus for five school days was an integrated experience 
across the curriculum to prepare for our trip to GMRI.”
After two days of collaboration and training, each teacher left with action plans, written curriculum, handouts, and all the classroom supplies needed to put what they learned into action.