Brenda Rudnicky

Graduate Research Assistant

Brenda started her work at GMRI in August 2016 when she began her Ph.D. program at the University of Maine under the advisement of Dr. Walt Golet, in the Pelagic Fisheries Lab.

Prior to GMRI, Brenda pursued her undergraduate degree in marine biology from the University of New England, graduating in 2015. At UNE, she worked in the Sulikowski Shark and Fish Research Lab, focusing on two research projects: 1) how abiotic factors (i.e. temperature and salinity) influenced juvenile fish in the Saco River, and 2) age composition of Rainbow Smelt populations along the Maine Coast. Currently, she studies Atlantic bluefin tuna life history in the Gulf of Maine with Dr. Walt Golet.

Her dissertation aims to reduce uncertainty in stock assessments of Atlantic bluefin tuna by filling in gaps in life-history data (i.e. age, growth, sex ratios). This information is used to model implications of sexually dimorphic growth and skewed sex ratios in future stock assessments. Outside of the extensive research, Brenda spends time chasing her two dogs, Guinness and Goose (brothers), around Portland Head Light and on the GMRI lawn.