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Cultivating Science Literacy

We provide science education that prepares students for active citizenship and rewarding careers.

Whatever career path students eventually choose, engaging them with science, math, and engineering is one of the most important things we can do to ensure their success in an increasingly complex world.

The skills they develop while studying these subjects are exactly what is needed for effective citizenship and professional success in the 21st century. Problem-solving, critical thinking, communicating effectively, and collaborating with a team – these are universal and essential skills.

We believe that the best way for students to learn science is by doing science. Every year, we provide thousands of students with free, world-class science learning opportunities – at our lab, in the field, and online. We engage them with the region's rich natural resources and the local scientific community to create authentic, personally-relevant, and transformative learning experiences.

As today's students are the future caretakers of the Gulf of Maine and our coastal economies, we believe they are one of the important investments we can make in the long-term prosperity of our region.

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Inspiring Students

Our innovative educational programs ignite the curiosity, ambition, and problem-solving potential of the next generation. Whether in our lab, in the field, or in their homes, we help students use science to explore their world and build invaluable skills.

Engaging Educators

We recognize the impact that outstanding professional development and science curriculum resources can have on the effectiveness of educators, and we strive to ensure all of Maine's teachers have access to the resources that help ensure their success.