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Stewarding the Ecosystem

We conduct vital research that builds understanding and powers ecosystem management.

The Gulf of Maine’s abundant marine life, nutrient-rich waters, and stunning coastline have provided food, sustained livelihoods, and inspired artists and writers since humans first laid their eyes on it.

At GMRI, we provide the scientific data needed to understand this unique ecosystem and manage its use – a need that has never been more critical.

Over the last 40 years, our waters have seen drastic declines in groundfish, an explosion in the lobster population, a decline in many native species, and an influx of new species from outside the region. Our waters are warming faster than 99% of the global ocean, placing us on the frontlines of climate change.

We are building the knowledge and predictive tools needed to successfully manage fisheries experiencing environmental change, take advantage of any new opportunities that emerge, and sustain this incredible resource for future generations. Our ecosystem-based approach to science guides our research across traditional boundaries, providing an integrated look at sustainability in the bioregion. And our commitment to objective, scientific research has enabled us to become the trusted partner of fishermen, conservation groups, and fishery managers.

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Utilizing an Ecosystem-Based Approach

Learn more about our integrated, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the Gulf of Maine ecosystem.

Research Project Database

Our research spans every part of the Gulf of Maine water column and takes us upriver into the watershed. View our database of projects in ecology, economics, oceanography, systems modeling, fishing gear design, and data integration and visualization.