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Strengthening Coastal Communities

We create tools, information, and training that bolster the fishing industry and coastal economies.

This is a time of profound importance and change in the Gulf of Maine fisheries. The groundfish industry continues to adapt to a fundamental transformation in management structure. Populations of some key commercial species have dwindled, while new species from more southerly waters have begun to show up in greater number.

Business as usual will no longer suffice. New technology, business models, tools, and training are necessary to secure the long-term health of our coastal economy.

We work directly with fishermen, resource managers, and seafood business to nurture the cooperation, communication, and innovative solutions necessary to overcome these challenges. We conduct in-depth economic analysis of our local industry to increase its profitability and help it compete in the global marketplace.

As a neutral and independent organization, we have the freedom to innovate and infuse fresh solutions into a gridlocked system. We operate outside the formal management process and without specific industry or conservation agendas. As a result, we have become a trusted facilitator of constructive dialogue around contentious issues.

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Supporting Fishing Cooperatives

A fundamental management change in 2010 continues to present the groundfish industry with new challenges and opportunities. We work alongside the industry to identify and implement the resources, business models, and strategies necessary to support their success.

Researching New Technologies

Fishermen are now managed by the amount of each species they catch. While this allows for much better management of the fishery, it also creates additional expenses and demands that fishermen fish smarter than ever before. Our research into catch selectivityfuel reduction, and electronic monitoring are helping fishermen drive down their costs and maximize their profits.

Convening Diverse Groups

Fishermen, scientists, and regulators don’t always share the same language, but their long-term goal is essentially the same – make use of fishery resources today in way that supports them being here tomorrow. As a neutral organization, we provide trainings and foster dialogue based on common interests and goals.