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Supporting Sustainable Seafood

We engage consumers and develop supply chain initiatives that support responsible harvest.

The cold, clean waters of the Gulf of Maine have long been a legendary source of seafood.

Many Gulf of Maine species remain healthy and abundant. However, a shifting ecosystem, declines in some key commercial species, and increased global competition are challenging and changing our region’s seafood industry.

We work to grow both the environmental and the economic sustainability of the Gulf of Maine – securing its resources for future generations while supporting today’s seafood industry. We partner with the people that form each link of the supply chain that delivers our seafood from boat to plate:

  • We work directly with fishermen to test and implement fishing gear that increases selectivity, lessens seabed impact, and saves fuel expenses. Together we build networks with chefs and seafood buyers, develop markets for abundant yet underutilized species, and lead proactive efforts to address sustainability issues.
  • We engage dealers, processors, and retailers with efforts to support and label regional and responsibly harvested seafood, support continuous improvement of their businesses' sustainability, and develop seafood sourcing policies.
  • We partner with chefs and restaurant owners to increase the use of regional seafood, raise consumer awareness of abundant species, and increase the overall sustainability of their businesses.
  • We educate and empower consumers to buy the seafood and support the businesses that mirror their commitment to the future of the Gulf of Maine.

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Verifying Responsible Harvest

The Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested brand can be found at retailers throughout the Northeast. When you see it in the seafood case, you know that product is traceable to the Gulf of Maine region and meets important criteria around responsible harvest.

Partnering with Restaurants

Our Culinary Partners are leaders in sustainability. If you're looking for fresh, local, responsibly harvested seafood, look no further.

Researching New Fishing Gear

We partner with fishermen to evaluate the economic and environmental implications of new fishing gear technology, understand any impact on their effectiveness, and help ease the adoption of gear that proves beneficial.