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The success of this program hinges on sensitivity to the cultural differences that impede communication. The program moderators work with content presenters to translate course material into approachable English and to develop novel ways to illustrate complex concepts. 

The curriculum receives regular evaluation and upgrades to maintain relevance for fishermen. MREP emphasizes the importance of fishermen’s information and knowledge as a primary source of data. This builds confidence for individuals to contribute to effective fishery management.

The Fishery Science, Management, and Law Enforcement Workshop 

This three-day workshop is designed to provide participants with core foundation in the fundamentals in these areas.

Participants are provided a basic working knowledge of concepts in population biology and the stock assessment process, including biological reference points used in management. Information presented in this section helps relate fishing effort to stock assessments and shows how fishermen’s knowledge and fishery-dependent data strengthen stock assessment models and results. The program includes tours of the a research lab, and participants are given small group activities designed to allow direct application of the concepts learned.

Register onlineApply for an upcoming MREP workshop online today. You may also complete and mail in a printed application.