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Program Goals

The Marine Resource Education Program (MREP) was founded in 2001 to provide fishermen the tools and information to foster an emerging conservation ethic. While it is crucial for fishermen to understand the science and management tools used to regulate their industry, it is equally important to help make policy and science professionals more familiar with the workings of the fishing community.

MREP is a sturdy bridge over the gaps between fishermen, scientists, and managers. It brings these diverse disciplines together in a neutral setting, providing an opportunity to explore both differences, and common goals, outside of the regulatory forum.

Guiding Objectives of MREP

  • To substantially increase the number of individuals at work in New England and Mid-Atlantic fisheries who are comfortable navigating fishery data and management systems.
  • To break down historical barriers to cooperation, develop leaders in the fishing industry, and fully engage fishermen in the development of best available science.
  • To deepen the familiarity of policy and science professionals with the workings of the fishing community.
  • To bring fishermen, scientists, and managers together in a neutral setting to explore differences as well as common goals.

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