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Program Leadership

As a fundamentally collaborative effort, the program in each region is guided by the MREP Southeast steering committee, consisting of members from across the fishery community, scientists, managers, and educators. MREP Southeast is administered by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and delivered by the program planning team, which handles all aspects of program design and communications.

  • *Ben Hartig, South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  • Betty Staugler, Sea Grant Florida
  • Bill Tucker, F/V Wing Shot
  • Brad Kenyon, F/V Bwk Grouper
  • Brandon Shuler, Texas Tech University
  • Clay Porch, Southeast Fisheries Science Center 
  • Dave Snyder, Halyard Restaurants
  • *David Webb, West Palm Fishing Club
  • Deidra Jeffcoat, Miss Judy Charters
  • Dick Brame, Coastal Conservation Association
  • Duane Harris, Sea Georgia Adventures
  • Dylan HubbardHubbard's Marina
  • Emily Muehlstein, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
  • Helena Antoun, Caribbean Fishery Management Council
  • Ira Laks, F/V Relaks
  • John Carmichael, South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  • Kim Amendola, Southeast Regional Office
  • Kim Iverson, South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  • Luiz Barbieri, Florida Fish & Wildlife Research Institute
  • Martha Guyas, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Michael Dixon, Engel Coolers
  • *Robert Gill, Shrimp Landing, Inc.
  • Shane Cantrell, Fishin' Addiction Charters
  • Troy Frady, Distraction Charters
  • Alexa Dayton, Formerly of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute
  • Lauren O’Brien, Gulf of Maine Research Institute  | MREP Project Manager

* Chair-persons

Former Steering Committee Members:

  • Anthony Iarocci, Caribbean Fisherman
  • Bill Kelly, Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen's Association
  • Charlene Ponce, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
  • Jesse Allen, SI Ventures, LLC
  • John Williams, Southern Shrimp Alliance
  • Judy Jamison, Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation

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