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Workshop participants explored the current and future fishery dependent data needs of science, management, and industry in the Greater Atlantic Region. Working collaboratively, attendees compiled characteristics of an ideal data system that would meet these needs most effectively.

Workshop Goals

  1. Provide context for the current data collection and storage systems, and identify benefits and challenges associated with fisheries dependent data collections and outputs.
  2. Characterize current and future data needs of industry, science, management, and enforcement.
  3. Identify desired characteristics of data collections and systems.
  4. Identify tools and approaches that would help meet fishery dependent data needs most effectively. 

Industry Workshop Report (PDF)
A summary of the fishery dependent data workshop held on June 30 and July 1, 2014.


Day One Presentations

Northeast Fishery Dependent Data Visioning Project
Doug Christel and Holly McBride 
GMRI & SMAST External Project Overview
Jonathon Peros
Data Recommendations from Massachusetts Fisheries Institute (MFI) End-to-End Review of Monitoring
Steve Cadrin
NMFS and External Partner Data Users, Strengths/Weaknesses of Existing System, and Future Characteristics
Holly McBride & Doug Christelr

Industry Interview Results - Data Map
Daniel Salerno

Data Visioning Interview Results
Cate O'Keefe

MAFMC Visioning Process - Data/Information Themes & Recommendations
Mary Clark

Industry Interview: Data Needs and Uses
Jonathon Peros
Current and Expected Data Needs and Uses: NMFS and External Users
Doug Christel/Holly McBride

Day Two Presentations

Data Collection Entry Errors
Daniel Salerno
Data Collections and Entry Errors
Holly McBride
Addressing Data Gaps and Deficiencies
Holly McBride and Dan Salerno

Industry Interview Ideal Data System Suggestions
Jonathon Peros