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Maine’s lobster industry is the state’s largest commercial fishery, generating over $456.9 million in dockside value in 2014. Yet, the vulnerability of Maine’s iconic harvest was evident in recent years when warm ocean temperatures precipitated a glut of low-value product and a supply-chain logjam that resulted in rock-bottom prices for Maine’s lobster fishermen.

We are actively looking for ways to help Maine’s lobster industry optimize the value of its harvest and implement innovative supply chain solutions.  Our outcome-oriented economics research and modeling efforts are providing fishermen and seafood supply chain partners with industry improvements and supporting fishery managers with technical advice for their policy decisions. We are contributing new models that allow scientists, managers, and marine stakeholders to test management strategies for fisheries and broader ocean planning. Such tools will also assist New England communities in evaluating potential climate change scenarios.

Understanding Profitability in the New England Lobster Industry (PDF)
An analysis of a lobstermen survery that sheds light on opportunities and barriers for the industy


An Independent Evaluation of the Maine Limited Entry Licensing Sytem for Lobster and Crab (PDF)
An objective evaluation of the current system and recommendations for addressing deficiencies