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Fishermen, conservation groups, and policymakers count on us to provide timely, objective scientific advice. Our world-class science team works to understand the lives and interactions of important species, the habitats they prefer, and essential ecosystem functions. The more we know about why changes may be occurring in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed and what to expect in the future, the better decisions we can make about stewardship and use of these resources.


All Research Projects

Our ecosystem-based research spans every part of the Gulf of Maine water column and takes us upriver into the watershed. We are actively engaged in ecology, economics, oceanography, systems modeling, fishing gear design, and data integration and visualization. Here we provide a searchable, sortable database of some of our past and current projects.

Our Approach

GMRI’s research team utilizes an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the Gulf of Maine. Together, our scientists are building the knowledge needed to successfully manage the ecosystem and ensure its long-term health and productivity.