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The Gulf of Maine ecosystem changes from day to day and year to year. Understanding how and why the ecosystem is changing is necessary for managing its long-term health. Developing this understanding requires regular monitoring of key species as well as the physical conditions in the environment. 

We are involved in several efforts to survey and monitor physical and biological conditions in the Gulf of Maine. Working with the University of Maine, we collect bi-weekly samples of zooplankton in Maine’s midcoast region. We work with lobstermen to conduct regular surveys of the distribution of spawning herring along Maine’s coastline each fall. We have also established a comprehensive program to monitor the fish community in Casco Bay.

Recent Ecosystem Monitoring Projects

Snap-a-Striper Program
Ecosystem Monitoring
What: Snap-a-Striper is a data collection program aimed at 1) compiling photos of live release and legal keeper striped bass caught in Maine waters and 2)...
Casco Bay Aquatic System Survey
Ecosystem Monitoring
The Gulf of Maine has experienced fundamental changes over the last 40 years. The coastal region has seen dramatic declines in groundfish, an explosion of...