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Project Database

Crafting Guidance for Adapting to Shifting Fish Populations
Climate Adaptation
Climate change is altering the distribution of marine species, causing many to shift away from traditional fishing grounds. When a stock shifts, managers must...
Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment
Climate Adaptation
Marine waters of the Northeast Shelf have warmed over the past 30 years, with particularly rapid warming in the past decade; as a result, fisheries in the...
Gulf of Maine Lobster Forecasting
Climate Adaptation
Project Overview We are forecasting the timing of when the Maine lobster fishery will shift into its high-landings mode for the summer. Our goal is to provide...
Impacts of Climate Change on Lobsters, Fish, and Economics
Climate Adaptation
We are leading a four-year, $1.8-million project as part of the NSF’s Coastal SEES (Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability) Initiative to...
Finding Ocean Solutions
Climate Adaptation
There is growing evidence that unsustainable fisheries are facing multiple problems at a global level. How can the viability and sustainability of these...
2015 Lobster Forecast
Climate Adaptation
This is an archived forecast for the 2015 lobster forecast. For this year's forecast, please visit: