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Project Database

Finding Ocean Solutions
Climate Adaptation
There is growing evidence that unsustainable fisheries are facing multiple problems at a global level. How can the viability and sustainability of these...
Fishing Area Selectivity Tool
Ocean Data
Through support from NOAA Fisheries' Northeast Cooperative Research Program (NCRP), GMRI’s Fishing Technical Assistance Program and Ocean Data Products group...
Data Integration
Ocean Data
The need to discover, access and integrate data from disparate sources is an essential element in development of decision support tools. Recent products...
Northeast Beaches: Forecast and Trends
Ocean Data
With the support of a grant from the National Environmental Information Exchange Network , a prototype application was developed by the GMRI Ocean Data...
Ocean and Climate Weather Display
Ocean Data
One of the most frequently asked questions of ocean goers in the Gulf of Maine is, “Are the water temperatures warmer this year?” GMRI’s Ocean Data Products...
2015 Lobster Forecast
Climate Adaptation
This is an archived forecast for the 2015 lobster forecast. For this year's forecast, please visit:
Can reduced environmental impact increase fishing profits?
Human Use & Impact
In recent years a multi-institutional collaboration with fishermen based in Port Clyde, Maine, has tested several options to simultaneously increase vessel...
Human Use & Impact
The Northeast Groundfish Gear Conservation Engineering and Demonstration Network (GEARNET) was formed in 2011 to address the need for an integrated, network...
Are We Farming Lobster in the Gulf of Maine?
Human Use & Impact
Over the past two decades, lobster landings have increased more than five times with fishery landings topping over $300,000,000 annually in the U.S. Given that...
Northeast Regional Cod Tagging Program
Fisheries Ecology
The Northeast Regional Cod Tagging Program (NRCTP) represented a significant example of international collaborative research, involving more than 250...