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Preliminary conclusions

Based on these observations in this pilot-scale study, we believe that cod can be avoided and pollock selectively targeted by raising the fishing panel height of a gillnet.

  • Our observations suggest that a 2 ft norsel height or large mesh panel below the regulated gill net mesh will significantly reduce cod catch while landing pollock.
  • More extensive field trials are necessary in combination with higher catch rates to conclusively recommend an alternative gill net configuration.

Photo: Two of the three participating gillnet vessels.

Management implications

There are a number of potential management implications for this research:

  • There is the potential for increased capacity of gillnet fishermen to harvest their individual (and sector wide) allocations of pollock and other regulated groundfish;
  • More selective gillnets will lead to reduced mortality of non-target species; and
  • There is potential for increased operational efficiency and profitability, by using more selective gillnet designs.

Contact and further information

For greater detail on this project’s findings, please contact Dr. Kenneth J. La Valley (, 603-862-4343).

For more information about GEARNET in general, please visit our official GEARNET website. This website will also provide access to detailed reports for each individual GEARNET project once they are completed.