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Sustainable Seafood

GMRI is committed to strengthening both the ecologic and economic sustainability of the Gulf of Maine seafood industry. The landscape of marine fisheries in the Gulf of Maine region is constantly changing and no singular approach will resolve these multifaceted issues.

We apply an objective, science-based approach to develop innovative strategies for sustainability that encompass an ecosystem-based approach.


Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested® brand

The Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested brand is a promise that the seafood hails from the clean waters of the Gulf of Maine and the fishery is managed in a way that contributes to the long-term health of the resource. Further, licensed dealers of Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested seafood commit to continuously improving the seafood industry’s sustainability.

Culinary Partners

Our Culinary Partners have committed to always having Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested seafood on their menus. In addition, they have committed to educating their staff on seafood sustainability and contributing to continuous improvement of the sustainability of their operations.

Sustainable Seafood Consultation

GMRI offers consultation to businesses that are committed to responsible seafood sourcing, yet grapple with how to implement a robust policy. With a perspective on global marine and seafood business issues, GMRI helps the seafood industry develop and implement plans that contribute to the long-term sustainability of the world’s marine resources.


Special Projects 

Out of the Blue

Several fish species in the Gulf of Maine are bountiful and well managed, yet are vastly underharvested. Out of the Blue builds awareness and markets for these products by featuring them at restaurants, institutions, and retailers.

Trawl to Table

Trawl to Table events bring fishermen, chefs, retailers, and dealers together to network and share information about how seafood is harvested and delivered to the end consumer.

Jonah Crab Fishery Improvement Project

Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) are proactive efforts to address sustainability concerns in fisheries. GMRI is currently facilitating a FIP for New England's Jonah crab fishery, bringing together industry, scientific, and management interests to develop and propose plans of action.

Building Sashimi-Grade Markets for Gulf of Maine Seafood

Working with a small group of sushi chefs, restaurateurs, distributors, and fishermen, this project aims to build markets for sashimi-grade seafood products from the Gulf of Maine.