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How to Participate

We need to level the playing field in the massive global seafood marketplace.

Many people care about maintaining a fishing industry in this region long into the future, and the region’s industry should be rewarded when seafood is responsibly harvested and traceable.

Consumers cannot support the industry unless they have the ability to make an informed choice. The Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested brand provides a way for consumers to identify and buy seafood they can feel good about. Over time, these choices help to build demand and maintain markets specifically for responsibly harvested, traceable seafood.

Whether you are a business in the middle of the supply chain or selling seafood directly to consumers, the Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested brand will add value to your company while promoting long-term economic and ecologic sustainability for the region’s seafood industry.

Benefits of participation

  • Add value for your customers by providing more transparent information about your Gulf of Maine seafood products.
  • Rely on the objectivity and credibility of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to let customers know that a third party has verified your seafood products as responsibly harvested.
  • Through differentiation, maintain market space and increase demand for Gulf of Maine seafood in a large global marketplace.
  • Regularly receive science-based, consumer-friendly information on verified species.
  • GMRI will provide digital assets and assist you in developing point-of-sale materials.
  • GMRI will promote your business as a participant in the program via social media, the GMRI website, speaking engagements around the country, inclusion in any press, and general outreach.
  • For seafood dealers, your business will be able to include your partnership with the Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested program on the FishChoice website, alerting a community of 4,000 seafood professionals to the added value your business offers.

Get involved

Are you a seafood dealer, processor, or distributor? Provide added value to your customers by becoming a licensed dealer of Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested seafood.

Are you a retailer, institutional cafeteria, food service provider, or large restaurant? Consumers increasingly want to know where their food is coming from. Give your customers the option to buy verified Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested seafood when they shop or eat at your establishment.

Contact Kyle Foley, Sustainable Seafood Brand Manager, to learn more: (207) 228-1670 or