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Delhaize America


Since early 2009, GMRI has actively worked with Delhaize America supermarkets, which include 1,700 stores under Hannaford, Food Lion, and Sweetbay banners, to develop and implement a sustainable seafood sourcing policy. The policy covers all seafood products in the store, including fresh, frozen, and canned items that originate from around the world. The policy requires that :

  • Sourced fisheries are regulated by a credible management body
  • Enough science exists to determine sustainable harvest levels
  • Harvests are monitored
  • Rules are enforced

Further, the policy requires that all seafood is traceable to the source. All fisheries are assessed individually, making this one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive seafood sourcing initiatives in North America. GMRI's role has been to inform the policy and to work with all of Delhaize America’s suppliers to ensure their products meet the criteria outlined.