Strategic Partners

Seeking strategic partnerships to spur the growth of the blue tech sector

GMRI is actively seeking select strategic partnerships with regional leaders in the blue tech sector to support access to capital, technical expertise, and incubation and acceleration capacity.

Project Goals:

  • Identify institutional and organizational synergies to build momentum toward common goals.
  • Serve as a catalyst and coordinator for institutional effort, research capacity, and regional expertise.
  • Attract investment capital and companies to New England.
  • Build a robust pipeline of investable companies and a network of partner institutions to support technical, financial, and operational scaling.

Joining forces to strengthen our Blue Economy

As the world grapples with complex ocean-related challenges, we are also facing awesome opportunities. Here in the Gulf of Maine, we are uniquely positioned to help set the course of the future of our blue economy, but we know we can't do it alone.

Through strong strategic partnerships we can leverage our region's collective tools, insights, and resources to usher in a new era of sustainable, marine-based economic growth. By coming together to support innovative ideas and solutions, we will not only support healthy ocean ecosystems into the future, but create jobs, improve livelihoods, and support efforts to ensure global food security.

That's why we are actively seeking strategic partnerships with regional leaders and institutions to support access to capital and technical expertise, and boost capacity for emerging blue economy businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our Strategic Partners

Staff Contact

Blaine Grimes
Blaine Grimes Chief Ventures Officer (207) 228-1655 [email protected]

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