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Education Resources

LabVenture! Resources

Students take the skills and concepts learned during their LabVenture! experience and apply them in observing, asking questions, investigating, taking action, and deepening their scientific understanding and connection to their local watersheds. To help educators extend LabVenture into their classroom, we offer free activity cards, classroom curriculum, and professional development opportunities.

Vital Signs Resources

Join the thousands of educators and students doing Vital Signs in classrooms, afterschool programs, learning centers, summer camps, and recreation programs. On the Vital Signs site, we provide how-to guides, fieldwork toolkits, field missions, classroom curriculum, and professional development opportunities. View our existing resources, and please consider contributing your own!

Legacy Content

All you want to know about lobsters, from their biology, to the history of lobster boats, to how to eat them!

One of our original education sites, this favorite provides a wealth of information about turtles found in Maine, and includes many easy yet fun classroom or family activities.

Learn about this keystone species' biology, as well as how it is harvested and current research being done in and around the Gulf of Maine.

A three-year biological nanotechnology project investigating how marine organisms construct shells out of molecular-scale building blocks of calcium and silica.

From the whimsical to the informative, there are topics sure to be of interest to everyone.

The full content of Bigelow and Schroeder's classic 1953 edition is online here.

A series of ten classroom-tested activities on the potential consequences of climate variability and change, produced in cooperation with the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies.

Explore the many varied aquatic habitats of Maine.

Research marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine and elsewhere. Enjoy many photos and links to other resources.

Extensive site with nearly 100 NASA-tested classroom activities on how to study the ocean from space.

What is a stream? A rich source of information about environments around streams, including literary resources for classroom use.

A virtual visit to what lies beneath the water in the Gulf of Maine. Take any one of five different "journeys" to learn about Cashes Ledge, alewives, brook trout, lobsters, or the Bay of Fundy.

Read brief reviews of some of our recent favorites, and click directly to to purchase your copy.