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Understanding Profitability in the New England Lobster Industry
Whitepapers & Reports

Maine’s lobster fishery has seen two decades of increasing landings and enjoys a global reputation as a sophisticated culinary product...

Northeast Regional Cod Tagging Program
Research Summaries

The Northeast Regional Cod Tagging Program (NRCTP) represented a significant example of international collaborative research, involving more than 250 commercial and recreational...

Are We Farming Lobster in the Gulf of Maine?
Research Summaries

Over the past two decades, lobster landings have increased more than five times with fishery landings topping over $300,000,000 annually in...

Impacts of Fishing on Herring Aggregation
Research Summaries

The potential impact of midwater trawling for Atlantic herring is a contentious issue within and among many stakeholder groups in the...

Collaborating with the Lobster Industry to Assess Herring Bait Availability in Inshore Maine Waters
Research Summaries

Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus)  are an important prey species for a range of predators in the Gulf of Maine including marine mammals,...

Links Among Cod, Herring, Lobsters and Humans
Research Summaries

Humans interact with the Gulf of Maine ecosystem in many ways, with fishing being one of our strongest influences....

Finding Ocean Solutions
Research Summaries

Combining Markets Analysis and Property Rights in Fishery Management To Enhance Sustainability of Fisheries in New England...

GEARNET: Improving gillnet selectivity
Research Summaries

As a GEARNET pilot project, this study was proposed by NEFS 11, and in particular Capt. Jason...

Can reduced environmental impact increase fishing profits?
Research Summaries

In recent years a multi-institutional collaboration with fishermen based in Port Clyde, Maine, has tested several options...

Research Summaries

The Northeast Groundfish Gear Conservation Engineering and Demonstration Network (GEARNET) was established in September 2010, to tackle critical gear-related...

Fishery Dependent Data Workshop Report
Workshop Materials

An industry workshop for the FDDVP was held in New Bedford, Massachusetts over June 30th and July 1st. The

Fisheries Dependent Data Interview Report
Project Materials
Industry interviews were conducted between February and May 2014 by a team of interviewers GMRI, SMAST, and independent contractors. The objectives
Cod Stock Structure Workshop Report
Whitepapers & Reports

A workshop on stock structure of Atlantic cod in the Gulf of Maine region was held on June 12–14, 2012...

An Independent Evaluation of the Maine Limited Entry Licensing System for Lobster and Crab
Whitepapers & Reports

There are four types of commercial lobster licenses that allow a Maine resident to harvest lobsters for sale. The three...

An Independent Evaluation of the Maine Limited Entry Licensing System for Lobster and Crab Appendices
Whitepapers & Reports

Appendix A: Demographic and Economic Background Information for Coastal Maine Counties