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Felix Massiot-Granier

Felix first joined GMRI as a postdoctoral research associate in January 2017. His primary research focus is the impact of a changing ecosystem on Atlantic salmon marine productivity. He explores how changing ocean temperatures and food quality/availability affect the growth of Atlantic salmon.

Bradley Franklin

Bradley first joined GMRI in April of 2016. In this role, he works on computational modeling of the multi-species fisheries economic sector in Northeastern US. Through this work, he investigates economic impacts of changes in sea surface temperatures on vulnerable fish species.

Before joining GMRI, Bradley  spent time in New Delhi, India, as a post-doctoral fellow at the International Water Management Institute. There, he studied the economics of groundwater management in Northern India.

Brian Kennedy

Brian first joined GMRI as an intern in 2014, and later became a Research Technician for Dr. Jenny Sun. In this role, Brian integrates diverse data sources to construct economic models which support the sustainability of the fishing industry and the coastal communities that depend on it.

Brian attended Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. There, he studied economics with a focus on marine resources and community economics.

Andrew Allyn

Andrew first joined GMRI in December 2015, after working on the Gulf of Maine Coastal Ecosystem Survey project in collaboration with Jeff Runge, Graham Sherwood, and other GMRI scientists for over a year.

As a research technician in the ecosystem modeling lab, Andrew’s focus is building species distribution models to describe the current distribution of focal fish species, and predicting how their distributions may shift in response to ecosystem changes, such as increased sea surface temperatures.


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