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Zachary Whitener

Zach first joined GMRI as an intern in the summer of 2009. After the conclusion of his internship, he joined GMRI full time as a Research Technician, and has since been promoted to Research Associate. Zach’s research in this role focuses primarily on fish populations, including age, growth, and stock structure.

Growing up on Long Island in Casco Bay, Zach has always had a passion for the Gulf of Maine. He has lobstered in Casco Bay since the age of 10, holding several other fishing jobs along the way. His rich local knowledge of the fishing industry is an asset to his team.

Steve Eayrs


Steve is an Australian scientist who began his career as a fisherman in Australia, the Middle East, and S. E. Asia, before moving into research. Prior to joining GMRI, Steve worked at the Australian Maritime College, during which time he played a key role in the development of selective fishing gears in a variety of fisheries in Australia and other countries. Steve joined our staff in January 2007 to lead our efforts to develop environmentally-friendly fishing gear, working collaboratively with fishermen and other stakeholders.

Seth Dresser

Seth's primary responsibility is to design and facilitate the development of systems to enable the ingestion, storage, analysis, and dissemination of scientific data. Seth joined GMRI in January of 2013 as a Front End Developer. In this role, he was responsible for designing and implementing intuitive user experiences for the Ocean Data Products group’s diverse project portfolio.

Riley Young Morse

Riley Young Morse has been with GMRI since the merger with GoMOOS in November 2009. Riley manages the Ocean Data Products group and also serves as an individual contributor to the team as project manager and UI designer.

Nancy Martz

Nancy Martz joined GMRI in September 2012. She has been full-time with the Research Team since January 2014, where she provides grants administration and related research administration services.

Kathy Mills


Dr. Katherine Mills is a research scientist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Kathy has studied ecosystem change and fish-ecosystem relationships in the Gulf of Maine and Northeast U.S. Shelf regions for over a decade. She uses statistical analysis and modeling to understand (1) how physical and ecosystem conditions are changing; (2) how these changes affect fish populations, biological communities, and marine fisheries; and (3) how fisheries and fishing communities can effectively respond. 

Jeffrey Runge


Jeff came to GMRI in 2006 as a faculty member in the University of Maine's School of Marine Sciences and Research Scientist at GMRI. For fifteen years he worked for Fisheries and Oceans, Canada, at the Institut Maurice Lamontagne in Mont-Joli, Quebec, where he headed a research section studying secondary production and fisheries recruitment processes in coastal waters of eastern Canada. Jeff is interested in the linkages between climate, ocean ecosystem productivity and recruitment into the fisheries.


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