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Pershing Paper Gets National AttentionNov 2, 2015Blog

In October, GMRI Chief Scientific Officer Andy Pershing and his colleagues were published in perhaps the most prominent scientific journal...

Vital Signs Offers First Online Teacher WorkshopAug 31, 2015Blog

Since 2009, our Vital Signs program has connected Maine students with scientists and citizen scientists online. Together, they investigate and...

Fish Tank Forum Convenes Fishermen, Scientists, Regulators Aug 7, 2015Blog

Fishermen, scientists, and regulators will assemble this fall with one goal in mind – improving stock assessments. These assessments are...

Five Gulf of Maine Fish You Can Feel Good About EatingJul 23, 2015Blog

Whether cooking at home or ordering out, conscientious shoppers often face difficult choices. But when it comes to seafood, there...

Early Excitement from Second Year of Casco Bay StudyJul 8, 2015Blog

It’s officially summer, which means the second year of our Casco Bay Aquatic Systems Survey (CBASS) is now underway. With...

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