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Researchers, Fishermen Pursue Cost-Saving Measures for Groundfish IndustryApr 22, 2015Press Release

Local fishermen have wrapped up the second year of a pilot project testing an innovative approach to improving catch monitoring...

Students Engage Community in Monitoring of InvasivesApr 1, 2015Tidings

Invasive species pose a serious threat to Maine’s ecosystems and native species. Few students understand this better than those at...

PowerHouse Program Goes PublicApr 1, 2015Tidings

Anyone can now create a PowerHouse account and use the site to investigate their home energy usage. This change is...

Remembering A Treasured Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic LeaderApr 1, 2015Tidings

We lost a friend, supporter, and advisor when board member Charles “Kip” Moore passed away this January. Kip was passionate...

New Forecast Sheds Light on Timing of Lobster HarvestApr 1, 2015Tidings

In early March, we released our first weekly lobster forecast of 2015, predicting a late start to the summer harvest...

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