Education action area

Supporting Teachers

To support students, we have to support their teachers.

We provide teachers with professional development, networking opportunities, and other resources to help teachers create hands-on science experiences for students.

Our teacher support team is committed to:

  • Creating Regional Teacher Communities to connect rural teachers.
  • Producing curriculum resources and creating authentic science experiences for teachers to lead their classrooms.
  • Hosting professional development workshops for teachers to learn, grow, and connect.

Opportunities for Maine Teachers

Join our teacher community.

  • Teacher Professional Development

    Teacher Professional Development

    Across our education efforts we work to support teachers and educators with professional learning experiences that serve to help them engage students in more authentic …

  • Regional Teacher Communities

    Regional Teacher Communities

    Across our education efforts we support educators with professional learning opportunities that help them engage students in authentic science learning experiences. Workshops introduce educators to …

  • Curriculum Resources

    Curriculum Resources

    Across all of our educational efforts at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, we've created compelling curriculum resources targeting middle school learners. Through our resources, …

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