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LabVenture Experience

As part of our LabVenture experience, 5th and 6th graders from all corners of Maine take on the role of scientists and conduct their own hands-on research in the Cohen Center for Interactive Learning, our state-of-the-art learning laboratory.

Each year, GMRI transports roughly 10,000 Maine middle schoolers to our lab, free of charge, for a day of interactive science learning. We also extend this experience back into the classroom by providing professional development opportunities and curriculum resources for Maine teachers.

LabVenture exposes young Mainers to authentic science tools and methods of inquiry that are far beyond the reach of most Maine classrooms. Students work in teams to gather evidence about the Gulf of Maine through hands-on and high-tech research.

The students use real NASA satellite data, as well as local fishery data, to explore many of the same questions about the Gulf of Maine that professional research scientists at GMRI are tackling. They’ll do so in a fully renovated Cohen Center for Interactive Learning — a one-of-a-kind lab space housed within the larger GMRI Commercial St. facility. In the Cohen Center, students will:

  • Measure live lobsters
  • Examine plankton under a microscope
  • Analyze data displayed on a cutting-edge digital technology platform

They'll explore questions like, "Why is the Gulf of Maine warming so quickly?" and "What kinds of new species will we see as waters warm?"