Climate Migration Speaker Series

Connecting local communities with best-in-class science.

According to the World Bank, by 2050, approximately 200 million refugees will have fled their homes due to the climate change impacts. Designed in collaboration with Gateway Community Services and the immigrant/refugee youth and educators they serve, this series will highlight global trends in climate-driven migration and consider their relevance for our future locally.

Series Goals:

  • Provide best-in-class science that responds to the specific climate topics identified by the communities we work with.
  • Expand and enrich connections to STEM and to climate science for local immigrant and refugee youth.

This series will feature scientists and specialists from across the country who will share their expertise in ways designed specifically for youth, teachers, informal educators, and librarians. Speaker topics range from an overview of global patterns of climate risk and migration to the preparedness of “receiving” communities. Speakers will allow time for questions from both youth and educators.

Series co-host, Dave Reidmiller the Climate Center Director here at GMRI, will also work to draw connections between the speakers to grow the conversation over the span of the series. The GCSM Color of Climate Youth Coalition and Learning Ecosystem Northeast will provide additional support for the speaker series.

Series Partner

We are proud to partner with Gateway Community Services Maine to launch this speaker series. We believe in and support their mission, and the goals of their Color of Climate Youth Coalition, one of which is to center the experiences and leadership of frontline communities in this changing climate.

Session Recordings

Miss a talk? We're adding recordings of each session to a playlist after they take place, so you can watch each one at your own convenience.

Upcoming Events

Join us on the first monday of each month through June.

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