Gulf of Maine Temperature Trends

Tracking temperatures in the Gulf of Maine

The Gulf of Maine has warmed quickly, but is it still warming? We use satellite data to keep tabs on the temperature of the Gulf of Maine.

Project Goals:

  • Characterize the current conditions in the Gulf of Maine.
  • Place warming in the Gulf of Maine in a global context.
  • Detect unusual events like marine heatwaves.

GMRI is at the forefront of understanding the rapid changes in temperature in the Gulf of Maine. This includes understanding the rate of warming on short and long time scales and detecting unusual conditions like marine heatwaves. We use satellite data from NOAA and NASA to characterize the current temperatures and place them in the context of temperature changes around the world.

Project Lead

Andrew Pershing, Ph.D.
Andrew Pershing, Ph.D. Adjunct Scientist & Former Chief Scientific Officer (207) 228-1656 [email protected]

Project Partners

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