The Maine Aquaculturist: An Aquaculture Knowledge Portal

Improving access to critical resources for Maine's aquaculture industry

The Maine Aquaculturist, an aquaculture knowledge portal, is a comprehensive, accessible, and practical information portal that assists commercial aquaculture businesses in understanding and utilizing business-relevant aquaculture resources.

Knowledge Portal Goals:

  • Help aquaculture startups understand and navigate the unique business challenges of sea farming.
  • Provide established farms with a resource database, a job board, and an aggregation of relevant regulatory and legislative events.
  • Help aquaculturists identify and gain access to capital to support business growth.
  • Make relevant business resources accessible to both start-ups and established aquaculture businesses.

The Maine Aquaculturist

The Maine Aquaculturist empowers Maine's sea farmers to access and fully utilize business-relevant support resources. By centralizing knowledge to a single, searchable database and by filling gaps in existing resources, we help farmers find the information that moves them forward.

While there are considerable support resources available to Maine’s aquaculture businesses, the lack of a centralized information hub has made it challenging for aquaculturists to access and benefit from them. The core idea behind The Maine Aquaculturist is to improve aquaculturists' access those resources, and maximize the benefit they see from those resources. We designed the knowledge portal based on feedback generated from a significant user testing period with Maine’s aquaculture businesses, which helped us understand how aquaculturists access information, the type of information they are most interested in, and how the portal would be most useful to the industry.

As the industry's go-to source for understanding the key steps in the aquaculture business lifecycle, The Maine Aquaculturist provides a range of valuable services, including:

  • A "getting started" guide — a guide for new aquaculturists that clearly lays out the process behind starting an aquaculture farm.
  • A vast, accessible resource database — current aquaculturists looking for specific information on topics relevant to their interests and needs can easily find relevant and useful information in our vast resource database.
  • A capital access page — this resource outlines the different ways aquaculture businesses can acquire the capital needed to start or grow their business, such as grants, loans, equity investments, and risk management.
  • A job board — our job board is specific to aquaculture jobs in Maine.
  • Regulatory and legislative updates — the portal also includes new information on regulation changes and upcoming legislature information pertaining to aquaculture.

In essence, the knowledge portal is an invaluable tool for both emerging and established aquaculturists interested in learning what resources are available to them, when to tap into different resources, how and why to use specific resources, and common aquaculture business mistakes to avoid.

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