Local Seafood and the Supply Chain

The Sounding Line | Mar 1, 2022

In this episode of The Sounding Line, we learn about the importance of prioritizing and sourcing local seafood.

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We need to level the playing field in the massive global seafood marketplace. Many people care about maintaining working waterfronts in this region long into the future, and the region’s industry should be rewarded when seafood is responsibly harvested and traceable.

In this episode, you'll get to hear from Andrea O'Donnell, Sustainability Coordinator at Ipswich Shellfish Group, and Doug Winslow, Sodexo Executive Chef at the University of Maine-Farmington. Andrea and Doug spend the episode having a candid conversation about the importance of prioritizing local seafood in the massive global seafood marketplace. They discuss what buying local means, the value of supporting Gulf of Maine fishermen and coastal communities, and why highlighting underutilized species is a win for everyone.

See the transcript of this conversation to read it in full.

Featured Experts

  • Sophie Scott

    Sustainable Seafood Program Manager

    [email protected]
  • A portrait of a woman smiling in a blue shirt,

    Andrea O'Donnell

    Sustainability Coordinator

    Ipswich Shellfish Group

  • This is a head shot of Doug Winslow from U Maine Farmington

    Doug Winslow

    Executive Chef

    Sodexo, University of Farmington-Maine

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