New Lab for LabVenture!

Tidings | Apr 20, 2020

This rendered image shows what the new LabVenture space will look like. A massive, open space filled with interactive kiosks flanked by a large wall that is a map of the Gulf of Maine.
A rendering of the new LabVenture space.

On June 1, students from Bonny Eagle Middle School were the last group to experience LabVenture! in the current layout of our Cohen Center for Interactive Learning. On June 4, we began a complete renovation of the space to support a new and more ambitious stream of NASA-funded content.

This multi-million dollar renovation reimagines the physical layout and technological capability of the Cohen Center.

  • “Multi-touch” tables will replace existing monitors to enable richer student collaboration and teamwork.
  • State-of-the-art projection technology will broadcast data and video streams on an entire wall.
  • Bleacher seating will be removed to optimize the entire space for interactive learning.

Even as the space changes, fans of the existing Cohen Center shouldn’t worry. Students will continue to measure live lobsters, observe plankton through microscopes, and identify live Gulf of Maine species in our biodiversity tank.

"When we first opened the Cohen Center in 2005, Apple was still two years away from launching the first iPhone,” said President/CEO Don Perkins. “Thanks to careful planning, the original hardware and software have served us, and over 120,000 students, exceedingly well. With that said, we’re so excited to provide an updated state-of-the-art facility for Maine’s middle schoolers to experience hands-on science learning. While the original hardware and software have served the LabVenture! program reliably for 13 years, GMRI education staff are excited for the updates and the opportunity to entirely refresh the student experience."

Learn more about the coming changes to LabVenture! and don't forget to follow along with us on social media throughout the summer for all the updates on Cohen Center renovations. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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