Reflections on LabVenture Express

Tidings | Feb 5, 2021

We developed LabVenture Express to continue serving Maine students and teachers during the pandemic. Learn more about this program from LabVenture Visit Coordinator Jessica Antonez.

During normal years, our LabVenture program welcomes approximately 10,000 students to our facility for a half-day, hands-on experience. Of course, this was not a normal year — but the program persists in new and innovative ways, thanks to the steady commitment of our staff. We asked LabVenture Visit Coordinator Jessica Antonez to reflect on some of these changes:

Jessica Antonez on LabVenture Express

Jessica Antonez LabVenture Visit Coordinator

When the pandemic pushed schools into remote learning, teachers and students had to adapt — and our LabVenture team had to adapt with them. Rather than shut the program down, we decided to replicate LabVenture virtually as a new experience we call LabVenture Express.

LabVenture Express is a five-day virtual program led by two GMRI educators. Daily 45-minute sessions engage students in a novel and authentic science learning experience to deliver the same learning outcomes as the in-person LabVenture.

While we miss our students coming to see us, LabVenture Express allows us to customize the experience to the needs of all students and teachers. Our focus on accessibility has allowed for us to engage more learners in a safe and comfortable environment.

With all the changes we’ve endured in the past year, our entire education team at GMRI is so impressed with the way teachers and their students have adapted — and I couldn’t be prouder to support them with LabVenture Express.

LV visit manager Jessica Antonez shows a lobster to a computer while wearing a mask as part of the virtual labventure experience

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