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Strengthening and Informing Fisheries Management

Good fisheries management requires both good science and on-the-water knowledge.

We seek to integrate the knowledge and experiences of fishermen with the best available science to help fisheries managers make decisions.

To strengthen fisheries management, we aim to:

  • Empower the fishing industry to engage in management through professional development, training, and trust building opportunities.
  • Facilitate industry-focused initiatives that improve fisheries management in New England.
  • Align harvesting controls with industry-informed objectives.

Fisheries Management Projects

Explore our impact on fisheries management.

  • Marine Resource Education Program

    Marine Resource Education Program

    MREP empowers fishermen with better understanding of how, when, and where to engage effectively in fishery management with workshops guided by local industry members several …

  • Groundfish Management Strategy Evaluation

    Groundfish Management Strategy Evaluation

    The impacts of climate change on marine fisheries resources are increasing. Some groundfish stocks, such as Georges Bank cod, have declined to record-low biomass in …

  • Electronic Monitoring (EM)

    Electronic Monitoring (EM)

    In an attempt to reduce the expense of at-sea monitoring, we are working with managers and fishermen to develop cost-effective alternatives. Electronic monitoring (EM) offers …

  • Assessing Allocation Strategies for Fisheries Affected by Climate Change

    Assessing Allocation Strategies for Fisheries Affected by Climate Change

    Our project aims to develop guidance and adaptive strategies for fishery managers grappling with climate change induced allocation challenges.

  • New England Marine Monitoring

    New England Marine Monitoring

    New England Marine Monitoring is an electronic monitoring (EM) services company that provides video review, on-vessel technical support, and program design service to New England …

  • Climate Resilient Fisheries

    Climate Resilient Fisheries

    This project investigates the key features that support fisheries’ resilience to climate change impacts, and how these features are recognized and enhanced in marine fishery …

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