Education action area

Community-Based Learning

Science is everywhere. Science is for everyone.

We give people the tools and opportunities to engage with science as it affects their lives. We provide opportunities for fishermen, chefs, municipal leaders, and many other communities to explore the science that surrounds them.

Our experts lead experiences for public audiences that include:

  • A network of citizen science projects throughout the Gulf of Maine watershed.
  • Workshops and trainings for communities of fishermen, fisheries managers, and businesses throughout the seafood supply chain.
  • Events in our lab designed to build community and explore relevant scientific concepts led by our staff and partners.

Community Learning Projects

Explore opportunities for groups of stakeholders.

  • Ecosystem Investigation Network

    Ecosystem Investigation Network

    The Ecosystem Investigation Network supports field-based, collaborative research into the climate-driven changes happening in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed. Ultimately, our goal is …

  • Modeling Change

    Modeling Change

    Modeling Change is an interactive experience for public audiences based in the Cohen Center for Interactive Learning at GMRI which was developed to educate public …

  • Marine Resource Education Program

    Marine Resource Education Program

    MREP empowers fishermen with better understanding of how, when, and where to engage effectively in fishery management with workshops guided by local industry members several …

  • Trawl to Table

    Trawl to Table

    Trawl to Table workshops bring together players from throughout the seafood supply chain to learn and share information. The workshops dig into the challenges and …

  • Preparing Communities for Sea Level Rise

    Preparing Communities for Sea Level Rise

    Whether directly or indirectly, we will all feel the impacts of continued sea level rise. In order to build resilient communities that can adapt and …

  • Climate Decision Theater

    Climate Decision Theater

    For this project, we are developing an interactive learning environment and workshop experience for fishery stakeholders. These stakeholders will learn how to build and understand …

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