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Gulf of Maine Ventures

Supporting the growth of innovative businesses at the intersection of the seafood supply chain and climate science

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is a global leader in fisheries research, aquaculture development, ocean climate technology, and data modeling. Through Gulf of Maine Ventures, we create and help build companies alongside our strategic partners within the global seafood marketplace in service to our mission and the communities we serve. Our home base is Portland, Maine — but our footprint stretches from southern New England, along the bold coast, through the Canadian Maritimes and across the North Atlantic rim.

We understand the social, cultural, and financial importance of a strong marine economy. We aim to:

  • Reshape the region’s seafood economy and ocean technology market through the incubation, acceleration, and funding of new business ventures.
  • Provide business building expertise: e.g. rigorous business plan and proforma development, operational and technical assistance, market research, mentoring and customer sales/systems to innovative companies looking to commercialize and scale
  • Develop ocean climate technology and data modeling applications to support industry and broader community adaptation and mitigation efforts.
  • Leverage private sector market opportunities with strategic partnerships throughout the region.

Gulf of Maine Ventures Projects

Explore our early work, including new ventures, workforce efforts, and strategic partnerships.

  • Blue Economy Innovation Corridor

    Blue Economy Innovation Corridor

    We are combining the technical expertise of GMRI with business formation and support services to forge a pathway for Blue Economy entrepreneurs and start ups, …

  • True Fin: Premium Gulf of Maine Seafood

    True Fin: Premium Gulf of Maine Seafood

    True Fin was founded to realize the maximum potential for seafood from the New England region.

  • New England Marine Monitoring

    New England Marine Monitoring

    New England Marine Monitoring is an electronic monitoring (EM) services company that provides video review, on-vessel technical support, and program design service to New England …

  • Scallop Aquaculture Initiative

    Scallop Aquaculture Initiative

    In January 2021, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the University of Maine, and Coastal Enterprises, Inc. convened to form the Scallop Aquaculture Initiative (SAI), …

  • Strategic Partners

    Strategic Partners

    GMRI is actively seeking select strategic partnerships with regional leaders in the blue tech sector to support access to capital, technical expertise, and incubation and …

  • Aquaculture Top Gun

    Aquaculture Top Gun

    Top Gun is a unique entrepreneurial training program that has helped accelerate the growth of over 200 startup companies since 2009. Our program is tailored …

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Gulf of Maine Ventures FAQ

Have questions about this initiative? We provide answers in this FAQ document.

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