Adam Kemberling

Quantitative Research Associate

Adam joined GMRI in November of 2019 as a research technician studying how changes in regional weather, current, and climate patterns impact the zooplankton community composition in the Gulf of Maine. He will also be working alongside the ocean data products group to build software tools for connecting and sharing oceanographic data for the region.

Adam studied at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW) majoring in Marine Biology and Environmental Science and spent a year as a lab technician at UNCW’s benthic ecology lab before moving to the Gulf coast to pursue his Master of Science in Coastal Science from the University of Southern Mississippi. His thesis research focused on the seasonal migratory behavior of mature female blue crabs across the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

Prior to working at GMRI, Adam worked as a lab technician in the coastal ecology & seagrass biology laboratory at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Lab, then later as a Fisheries Biologist in support of NOAA/NMFS’s Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Pascagoula, MS. His focus was on programming analysis tools that would decrease the time between the collection of biological survey data and their availability to stock assessors as indices of relative abundance.

When not in the office you'll find Adam outdoors either hiking, fly fishing, or paddling Maine’s many lakes and rivers.