Bart DiFiore

Postdoctoral research associate

Bart joined GMRI as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in November of 2023. As part of Dr. Kathy Mill's Integrated Systems Ecology Lab, he is studying the causes and consequences of changes in the traits of fish populations on the Northeast U.S. shelf.

Before coming to GMRI, Bart received a BA in Biology and English at Middlebury College, where he researched the post-release stress response of thresher sharks in Southern California. After a brief career as a farmer managing the growing operations on his family's small vegetable farm, Bart returned to graduate school. He completed a Master of Environmental Science at the Yale School of the Environment where he worked on the grazing behavior of coral reef herbivores. Most recently, Bart finished a PhD at the University of California, Santa Barbara with his dissertation focusing on connecting the individual physiology of California spiny lobster with their ecological role in kelp forest habitats.

Bart is originally from Gloucester, MA, where he once again lives with his wife and two young daughters. As a native New Englander, he is excited to work on species and habitats closer to home.