Jerelle Jesse

PhD Graduate Student

Jerelle Jesse joined GMRI as a Quantitative Research Associate in Lisa Kerr's Quantitative Fisheries Research Lab in February, 2021, and is now a Postdoctoral Graduate Student.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science in marine biology from the University of Massachusetts — Dartmouth in 2015, she worked with diadromous fishes as a fisheries technician at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries before earning her Master of Science in marine, estuarine, and environmental science from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science — Chesapeake Biological Lab in 2020.

Her thesis work focused on quantifying drivers of mycobacteriosis in Chesapeake Bay striped bass, and identifying the consequences of increasing natural mortality on biological reference points.

Following graduate school, Jerelle worked as a research assistant at the Chesapeake Biological Lab in Maryland, helping to develop a modeling tool for eastern oyster management strategy evaluation in the region.

At GMRI, Jerelle conducts fish population dynamic modeling research and statistical analyses. Her knowledge of fisheries science, population dynamics, and fisheries management, as well as her strong quantitative skills and simulation modeling experience, make her an asset to the Quantitative Fisheries Research Lab.