Samantha Nadeau

Graduate Research Assistant

Samantha began working at GMRI in September of 2018 after acceptance as a Master of Science candidate under Dr. Walt Golet at the University of Maine.

Prior to GMRI, Samantha attended the University of Maine (Orono) from 2014–2018 and earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences with a concentration in Marine Biology. At the University of Maine, Samantha was fortunate enough to work with Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon on the Penobscot and Kennebec rivers. Her research focused on the use of morphometrics as a non-invasive technique to sex shortnose sturgeon. Additionally, she conducted blood analysis work to confirm the results of the morphometric analyses.

After graduation, Samantha transitioned to the Maine Department of Marine Resources at the Milford dam spending her days capturing, tagging, and conducting research on Atlantic salmon and other anadromous species. Currently her thesis work focuses on the foraging ecology of Atlantic Bluefin tuna (ABFT) in the Gulf of Maine. She is trying to determine if there have been any prey item shifts within ABFT diet as well as the energetic profitability of certain prey items.

When not in the lab or on the water, Samantha can be found outside fly fishing, SCUBA diving, downhill skiing, or whitewater canoeing.